My son knows that mommy needs to nurse his sister. So much that when my daughter cries, my now 2.5 year old son says “Mommy, Sarah needs you…she needs nai-nai (milk in Cantonese) from there (pointing to my breast)”. It’s really cute.

My son used to honk like a goose when he nursed. The sound worried me as first because I didn’t know if he was OK or if there was something wrong, but we later realized it was normal and some babies did that.

My daughter is very nosy and will unlatch to investigate anything and everything at any time…As a result, I’d be spraying milk everywhere. My husband laughs when this happens as he finds it hilarious…


My son talks about booby and asks for it occasionally. He tells me my milk is not as good as chocolate. LOL My daughter is 11 months now and she has just recently started to vocalize when she wants to nurse. My son would always call it “that” when he first started talking. My daughter looks at me and pulls my shirt and says some adorable gibberish and gets a pleading look on. It’s very obvious what she wants.

Paula S.

When Jasmine isn’t sleepy, she likes to stroke my breast and/or grab at my bra strap with her hand/arm that is free/closest. Sometimes she sings/moans while still sucking a bit.  Very funny.


My baby is 15 months. He signs “more” while saying “mama” when he wants milk. Just recently he’s started to pop off when he’s done one side and then sign more for me to switch him to the other side. I love it!



They have all breastfed until they have been about 2.5 years and my youngest who just turned 2 is still breastfeeding. They have all been able to express how much they love it and that it has been the best thing they ever knew at that age. For some reason we started to call

it for an own secret word “goffa” which has no real meaning, but comes from a common sound effect in cartoons when someone eats really greedy. It has been very practical as is has been easy for me to understand what my kids communicate.

Now my youngest greet me with the words “goffa cow” everytime I come home from work which means she wants to cuddle up with me in the sofa and watch children’s movies on Youtube (preferably Old Mac Donald had a farm) and breastfeed at the same time.


Maeve has gone through many ways of communicating that she wants milk. Obviously, the first was fussing and crying and chewing or sucking on her fists and fingers (or toes, or socks, or whatever was nearby). Then when she learned to sign the word ‘milk’, she would sign ‘milk’ as fast as she could with such a desperate, crazed look on her face. Then she started calling it “Mio”, and she would sign and say it at the same time. Then she moved to ‘Mama Mio’, then ‘Mama Milt’ and then, finally, ‘Mama Milk’. The first time I asked her what Mama Milk tastes like,  she told me ‘walnuts’, which made me crack up as that was NOT was I was expecting. But since then, her description of the taste of Mama’s Milk is always linked to her favourite food at that time.