As many of you may know, Kathryn and I have had some recent additions to our families. Kathryn had a baby daughter, Thelma and I had a son, Amri. We’ve had our hands full!

Having some babies, along with moving a few times (me) and shooting a feature film (Kathryn), has kept us busy! However, we are back at it now and looking to connect with nursing moms who want to share their stories. And, remember, we aren’t looking to highlight “perfect” breastfeeding stories (is there such a thing??). We want to hear from you about your struggles and successes. We’d also love to hear from some non-breastfeeding family members (partners, dads, siblings, grandparents) about how breastfeeding affected you and your families.



My own goal over the next few weeks is to post my own breastfeeding story—well, the first part anyway—in which I will let you all know about breastfeeding my daughter for 4.5 years! I look forward to sharing it with you and to hearing from you about your breastfeeding stories.

Happy nursing!


p.s. Please feel free to tell friends and family members about this project and suggest they get in touch!